Norfolk Coastline

Stay in comfort, whilst exploring the beautiful coast. 


As you enter Sheringham the first thing that you will probably notice is the old Steam railway. It is lovely to see these old trains still running, and thrills all ages. If it's a little pricey to take the train to Holt, you can buy a platform pass instead. This allows you to fully explore the station. On Platform 3 you'll find a wooden train carriage that has a childrens' activity area inside. On Platform 1 you can take tea and browse the souvenir shop.

Steam Trains on the Poppy line Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline
Guard on the Poppy line Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

The High street can get really busy to stroll down, so we often weave off down the back streets especially if we have our beagle Hester with us. It can be quite difficult keeping a dog and little ones on the pavement at busy times.

Shell museum Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

Whenever I come to Sheringham I like to visit the Shell museum. It's only small, and it was set up by Peter Coke, who collected over 200 different shells from all over the world, which he made into sculptures. I guarantee you won't have seen anything like this before.

Ronaldo ice cream in Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

How many Ice cream parlours are there? The numbers seem to grow daily, yet as a family we all favour the locally made Ronaldos.

The Mo, museum in Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

At the end of the High street towards the left you can find Sheringham's Museum, (The Mo). It has a collection of old lifeboats charting the history of the private ‘Upcher’ lifeboats, and also houses the Shoal Offshore Wind Farm visitor center, designed by one of the teams behind the Science Museum..

Little Theater Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

Sheringham's Little Theatre  is about half way down the high street and has the smallest stage of any professional theatre in the U.K! Well worth a visit.

Market day in Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

Market day is on a Saturday and Wednesday from April till November, and takes up the whole of the large car park, which can make it tricky to park.

Morris dancers at the crab and lobster festival Sheringham @NorfolkCoastline

There is an annual crab and lobster festival in May, where you may well see the towns Morris dancers!

If you want to escape the crowds and beach for a while then you could head to Sheringham Park. It is a National Trust property, and is a joy to walk around the landscaped park and gardens, especially between late March and early June, when the rhododendrons are blooming (It boosts that it has some of the most varieties in the country!). The park is about 1.5miles from the center of Sheringham, and is a lovely place to walk your dogs. There is also a wooden viewing tower here which offers fantastic sea views, though you'll have to climb up a few steps!

Rhododendrons at Sheringham Park @NorfolkCoastline
Rhododendrons at Sheringham Park @NorfolkCoastline